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Parchis & Friends - For the very first time in the world ... finally the Ludo game in your phone!!! ... and it had to be us. Probably the most played game ever, now mobile. It gives you the possibility to play alone against your phone or against your friends.
Puzzloop - A real classic in your mobile phone. The first coloured ball destroying game that so many other games have been inspired by. There are two game modes: level mode and panic mode to play non-stop.
Water Game - Do you remember how people enjoyed before having portable videogames? Did you ever played a “Water Game”? Those toys with a little water tank, platforms and lots of coloured balls…
Plop Sexy Bikinis - One of the most famous games in history now in its sexy version. Destroy groups of balls of the same colour to get the highest score. The bigger group you destroy, the higher score you'll obtain.
Yo Yo Go Go - Here you have a new challenge: play in 4 different countries against the best players in the world and complete all the tricks that they will suggest at every stage. Reach a place in the final game and become the best player of the world.

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